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Our patented reversible protein labeling agent, ProMTag, is the underpinning technology that powers our solutions. ProMTag has a click chemistry moiety which allows for rapid, unbiased, and reproducible capture and release of proteins in the presence of harsh denaturants and contaminants. Rapidly tag, capture, and release your protein(s) for any number of applications.

ProMTag reversibly labels primary amines on proteins at pH 8.0 to tag a protein sample in just 30 minutes. ProMTagged proteins may then be captured on ProMTag capture resin (sold separately). Proteins are released from the capture resin in 15 minutes by incubating in an acidic buffer. Use with our ProMTag Capture Tubes and waste collection set for faster washes and elution and less protein loss.


  • ProMTag (30 mg/mL)

1 mg, 5 mg, 10 mg, 25 mg