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At Impact Proteomics, our patented ProMTag reversible chemistry enables fast, high yield sample preparation and downstream analysis.

Separate immunoprecipitated proteins from immunoglobulins with our IP-to-MS workflow, facilitating identification of novel antigen targets in an unbiased manner.

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Prepare high-quality, sequencing-ready DNA and RNA and either intact proteins or mass spectrometry-ready peptides for whole proteome analysis from a single starting sample with our Multiomics method.

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Capture and cleanup whole proteomes for top-down or bottom-up analysis using ProMTag with our Proteomics method

"The IP-to-MS technology represents an extremely powerful tool in the assessment of specific humoral immune responses, with applications that range from rheumatic disease to cancer biology. This radiolabel-free approach offers the opportunity to readily detect novel autoantibody autoantigen combinations for improved characterization of immune responses, a process that was previously limited by technical factors associated with conventional immunoprecipitation methods."
-- Chief of Rheumatology, Leading Autoimmune Research Institution