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At Impact Proteomics, our patented ProMTag reversible chemistry enables fast, high yield sample preparation without filtration or precipitation steps. Our sample preparation methods ensure the highest quality sample so you can get the highest quality data.

Separate immunoprecipitated proteins from immunoglobulins with our IP-to-MS workflow, facilitating identification of novel antigen targets in an unbiased manner.

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Prepare high-quality, sequencing-ready DNA and RNA and either intact proteins or mass spectrometry-ready peptides for whole proteome analysis from a single starting sample with our Multiomics method.

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Capture and cleanup whole proteomes for top-down or bottom-up analysis using ProMTag with our Proteomics method

Impact Proteomics offers innovative solutions and services in the fields of immunoproteomics, proteomics, and multiomics for scientists and physicians to attain a deeper molecular understanding of human disease.