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Our patented reversible protein labeling agent, ProMTag, is the underpinning technology that powers our solutions. ProMTag has a click chemistry moiety which allows for rapid, unbiased, and reproducible capture and release of proteins in the presence of harsh denaturants and contaminants.

Reversible and Unbiased Labeling of Proteins

ProMTag forms a reversible covalent linkage with protein primary amines. The ProMTag linkage is reversed by a simple pH change, leaving proteins in their original, unmodified state.

How it Works

Proposed hydrolysis mechanism for the reversible coupling of dialkyl maleic anhydride to protein.

Why Choose Impact Proteomics

Never suffer through sample loss, tedious workflows, contamination, or sample bias again. Impact Proteomics offers sample preparation methods both as services and kits. Services include:

IP-to-MS icon



  • Use serum, plasma, or other antibody source to immunoprecipitate antigen targets from either a K562 lysate (provided) or lysate of choice.
  • Includes mass spectrometry of the isolated antigen targets.


  • Purify antigens ready for mass spectrometry in an unbiased workflow.


Multiomics icon



  • Use cultured cells or tissue sample to purify DNA, RNA, and protein.
  • Optional mass spectrometry of the protein fraction.


  • Isolate and purify any combination of DNA, RNA, and protein from a single starting sample.


Proteomics icon



  • Use cultured cells, tissue sample, or other protein source to purify intact proteins or digested peptides.
  • Optional mass spectrometry.


  • Isolate and purify the proteome, yielding either intact proteins or digested peptides.


Features of our Methods:

Universal use with most starting samples.
Compatible with small amounts of starting material.
Removes contaminants such as SDS, lipids, carbohydrates, and salts.
Fast sample preparation. No overnight digestions, no long centrifugation steps.