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Our Mission

To pioneer cutting-edge solutions at the forefront of immunoproteomics, proteomics, and multiomics to advance scientific understanding of human diseases at the molecular level, driving new discoveries and improved healthcare outcomes.



About Impact Proteomics

Impact Proteomics is a biotechnology company that was founded by Carnegie Mellon University Biological Sciences Faculty in 2019. We specialize in patient-specific immunoprecipitation for cancer antigen and autoantigen discovery, in addition to proteomics and multiomics sample preparation solutions. Operating primarily as a Contract Research Organization (CRO), we provide kits and services to research scientists across the academic, non-profit, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical communities.


Our Vision

To set the standard for antigen discovery, alongside pioneering proteomic and multiomic sample preparation methodologies. As an active partner with the scientific community, we help to expedite disease identification and accelerate the path to market for groundbreaking therapeutic interventions, ultimately advancing the pace of life-saving innovation.