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Impact Proteomics has developed a patent-pending immunoprecipitation-to-mass spectrometry (IP-to-MS) method that enables truly unbiased identification of autoantigens and cancer antigens via a single analysis in a patient-specific manner. This methodology uses a small volume of patient serum (or other antibody source) and produces unbiased, mass-spec-ready peptides for antigen identification, which enables our customers to quickly catalog the antigens associated with any given cancer or autoimmune disease.

Traditional Methods

  • ELISA-based methods, immunodiffusion, immunoblotting, immunoprecipitation
      • Targeted assays that rely on previously identified autoantigens
      • No opportunity to identify novel autoantibodies
  • Protein microarrays
      • Limited number of potential autoantigen targets
      • Proteins may not be in their native state and may not carry the same post-translational modifications as in human cells

The IP-to-MS Method

  • Simplifies and streamlines antigen discovery
      • Workflow completed in under 6 hours
      • No specialized equipment required
  • Unbiased approach to identify putative antigens
  • Direct mass spectrometic identification of antigens
  • Traditional radiolabeling replaced with ProMTag labeling
  • Compatible with a range of antibody and target antigen sources

The IP-to-MS Workflow