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Our multiomics solutions offer research scientists the ability to analyze the genome, transcriptome, and proteome from a single starting sample. Our multiomics sample preparation method produces high-quality DNA, RNA, and protein that are ready for downstream analyses in a single workflow. Importantly, our multiomics workflow requires only a small amount of cultured cells or a single, 0.2 mg section of biopsy material to generate sufficient DNA, RNA, and protein for high-level downstream analyses such as whole genome sequencing, RNA sequencing, and mass spectrometry, respectively.

Traditional Multiomics Methods

  • Separate kits or workflows for preparation of DNA, RNA, and protein
      • Laborious
      • Expensive
  • Sample must be divided into several portions for separate sample preparation workflows
      • Prone to sampling error or bias

The ProMTag Multiomics Method

  • Streamlined workflow for preparation of DNA, RNA, and proteins or peptides
      • High-quality DNA and RNA suitable for sequencing
      • Mass spectrometry-ready proteins or peptides
  • Requires a small amount of a single starting sample
      • Allows extraction of genomic, transcriptomic, and proteomic profiles from precious samples
  • Compatible with most tissues and cell lysates

The Multiomics Workflow