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Our unique proteomics platform technology allows customers to specifically capture proteins from a variety of sources, remove all non-protein contaminants, and yield either intact proteins or peptides ready for mass spectrometry and downstream proteomics analysis.

Traditional Proteomics Methods

  • Precipitation or filtration based methods
      • Potential for sample loss
      • Bias for or against certain proteins
      • Incompatibility with certain buffers
  • Separate workflows for intact proteins and digested peptides

The ProMTag Proteomics Method

  • Utilizes ProMTag to reversibly label and capture entire proteomes or single proteins
      • ProMTag labels primary amines, allowing unbiased labeling of all proteins
      • Proteins are released in their original, unmodified form
  • Yields intact proteins or digested peptides
      • Digestion completed in 1 hour with Impact Proteomics' stabilized, modified MT-Trypsin
  • Simple workflow, no specialized equipment required

The Proteomics Workflow