Close up photo of vials in autosampler of gas chromatography with spectrometer in chemical laboratory

Why Choose Impact?

Our easy-to-use kits come with everything you need for fast, high yield sample preparation that will ensure you spend less time worrying about preparing samples and more time collecting precious data. Never suffer through sample loss, tedious workflows, contamination, or sample bias again!

Features of our sample preparation tools:

Icon of protein moleculeUniversal use with single proteins, peptide mixtures, or whole proteomes.  If it’s protein-based, we can help you prepare it for analysis.

Icon of waterCompatible with all harsh denaturants including SDS and urea, ensuring you can lyse your cells however is best for you and your proteins stay sosolublilized.

Icon of contaminants

Ensures the removal of interfering contaminants such as SDS, DNA, RNA lipids, carbohydrates, and salts.

Icon of a drop of sample liquid

Works with 1 ug to 1 mg of starting material and beyond.

Icon of stopwatch

FAST sample preparation. No overnight digestions, no long centrifugation steps, and less than an hour of hands on time required.

Icon of customizationCustomization is available to fit your needs so you get the start you want and the ending buffer you need.