Universal Protein Cleanup Kit -> Intact proteins (UPECK-WP)

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Our universal protein extraction and cleanup kit for intact proteins works with any starting sample containing intact proteins and utilizes ProMTag’s reversible chemistry for fast, high yield cleanup.  The included elution buffer can be customized for the appropriate application.  If your desired application is not available, contact us at info@impactproteomics.com prior to placing your order for a custom elution buffer to suit your needs.

Kit includes:

  • Strong lysis buffer
  • ProMTag protein tagging agent
  • ProMTag protein capture resin
  • Wash buffers
  • Elution buffer
  • Low protein binding tubes
  • Waste collection tubes

What you’ll need:

  • Tabletop centrifuge
  • Rotisserie or shaker

How it works:

Our patent pending reversible chemistry allows tagging, capture, cleanup, and elution of proteins in a fast, easy-to-do workflow:

  1. Lyse cells or tissue with the strong lysis buffer provided
  2. Label proteins with ProMTag
  3. Capture protein with ProMTag capture resin
  4. Wash away contaminants
  5. Elute clean protein sample

See more on our How It Works page

Amount of starting protein per prep

1-40 ug, 41- 200 ug

Starting protein concentration

Less than 1 mg/mL, 1 mg/mL or greater

Elution buffer

Two-dimensional gel electrophoresis compatible, SDS gel electrophoresis compatible, Mass spectrometry compatible, Other