ProMTag Universal Protein Extraction and Cleanup Kit – Immunoprecipitation (UPECK-IP)


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Purify target antigens ready for mass spectrometry without worrying about contaminating antibodies, detergents, or salts. One easy workflow for the capture, cleanup, and release of mass spec ready antigens.

The ProMTag UPECK-IP kit produces high-quality antigen samples for mass spectrometry analysis in a fast, easy-to-do workflow from immobilization of antibodies on protein A beads all the way to antigen peptides ready for analysis.  High yield, contaminant free samples ready for mass spectrometry. Each kit has reagents for 10 immunoprecipitations.

Each kit includes:

  • ProMTag labeled lysate from HeLa cells for binding to antibodies during immunoprecipitation
  • Protein A beads for immobilization of antibodies for immunoprecipitation
  • ProMTag protein capture resin
  • Wash buffers
  • Reducing and alkylating reagents
  • Stabilized mP-Trypsin
  • Mass spectrometry compatible and volatile elution buffer
  • Low protein binding tubes
  • Waste collection tubes

What you’ll need:

  • Tabletop centrifuge
  • Rotisserie or shaker
  • Heating block

How it works:

Our patent pending reversible chemistry allows for extraction, cleanup, and digestion in an fast, easy-to-perform workflow:

  1. Immobilize your favorite antibody or patient derived antibodies on provided protein A beads
  2. Add ProMTag labeled lysate containing potential antigens
  3. Capture antigens on protein A beads and wash away unbound proteins
  4. Elute antigens and antibodies from protein A beads
  5. Bind antigens to ProMTag capture resin and wash away contaminating antibodies
  6. Reduce/alkylate proteins
  7. Digest proteins into peptide with stabilized ProMTag trypsin
  8. Capture ProMTag trypsin on ProMTag resin
  9. Elute clean, digested peptides