ProMTag Universal Protein Extraction and Cleanup Kit – DNA + peptides (UPECK-DP)

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The  ProMTag UPECK DNA + Peptides kit produces high yield, reproducible DNA and peptide samples from the same starting sample for analysis.  DNA is high quality for use with PCR or whole genome sequencing. Peptides are in a volatile, mass spectrometry compatible buffer for proteomics analysis. Included reagents and an easy-to-perform workflow take you from cell lysis all the way to DNA + peptides.  Works with any starting sample for fast,  high yield extraction, cleanup of DNA and protein samples for genomic and proteomic analysis.

Each kit includes:

  • Strong lysis buffer
  • ProMTag protein tagging agent
  • ProMTag protein capture resin
  • Wash buffers
  • DNA elution buffer
  • Reducing and alkylating reagents
  • Stabilized MT-Trypsin
  • Volatile, mass spectrometry compatible elution buffer
  • Low protein binding tubes
  • Waste collection tubes

What you’ll need:

  • Tabletop centrifuge
  • Rotisserie or shaker
  • Heating block

How it works:

Our patent pending reversible chemistry allows for extraction, cleanup, and digestion in an fast, easy-to-perform workflow:

  1. Lyse cells or tissue with lysis buffer
  2. Label proteins with ProMTag
  3. Capture proteins and DNA with ProMTag resin
  4. Wash away contaminants
  5. Release DNA from ProMTag resin
  6. Release proteins from ProMTag resin
  7. Reduce/alkylate proteins
  8. Digest proteins into peptide with stabilized MT-trypsin
  9. Capture MT-trypsin on ProMTag resin
  10. Elute clean, digested peptides ready for mass spectrometry

Do you want to customize your kit for your needs? Question about the workflow? Reach out to us at

Starting amount of protein

1-40 ug, 40 ug-150 ug