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Our Vision

Proteins are the molecular machines of the cell that do all the jobs that keep all living things alive. When diseases occur, it's usually because a protein is not doing its job correctly. That's why proteins are at the heart of so much therapeutic, biomarker, and drug discovery research. Over 90% of medicinal treatments target proteins.

However, finding the right proteins to target to treat or diagnose disease is very challenging, and companies spend decades and millions of dollars trying to sift through tens of thousands of proteins to find the ones that could provide medical breakthroughs. At Impact Proteomics, we make sample preparation tools that ensure every discovery project starts with high quality samples, allowing researchers to obtain useful data faster with higher statistical confidence, and ultimately accelerate time to market for high impact therapies, drugs, and diagnostic tools.

Our vision is to be the leader of protein sample preparation, enabling the discovery of life saving therapeutics and diagnostics and bringing them to market faster than ever before.